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VIROCIDE is an American company with its corporate offices located in Austin Texas. The company was born from the need to take extreme hygienic precautions generated by the sudden appearance of SARS-CoV-2 and its rapid expansion worldwide. With the intention of looking for a way to permanently support the population, efforts were initially focused on finding and reproducing existing technologies to combat the contagion.
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Virocide products are FDA approved for sale and ready to market.


Firm Commitment To Best Quality and Pricing

The company has a firm commitment to our customers. We strive for nothing but the highest quality of materials and products in all of our endeavors.

Production Plant in Houston and California Secured

American made sanitizers and chemical disinfectants allowing for complete contrtol in scents and formulations for our clients.

Packaging Partners in McAllen, San Antonio, Austin, and Houston

Packaging partners around Texas with niche expertise into their own markets. Woerking with all sized from 5 Gallons down to 2 oz, and even sachets.

Importing of Plastics and Chemicals Internationally

Importing plastics and products internationally from Mexico, Turkey, Ukraine, and China to allow for the fastest and highest quality delivery without sacrificing price.

Virocide Stands with the WHO

All Virocide products are FDA registered that directly follow the FDA Emergency formulations and WHO guidelines. We encourage all our customers to reach out if they have any questions about any of our products,
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Inventory on hand marked to Sell Fast.

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380,000 10 oz Finger Spray Bottles


500 IR Sanitizer Dispensers
16 Industrial Foggers


1,000 Eucalyprus Sanitizer

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